6 Ways You Can Exercise In The Sun This Summer

Who else sees a bit of sun and instantly wants to be outside taking it all in? ME DEFINITELY! While for many of us, that means sipping on cocktails in a pub garden, or enjoying an ice cream at the beach... I want to show you how you can get out in the sun this summer AND be getting your exercise in while you're at it!

Why You Should Ditch The Scales!

OK so you know them moments when you've looked in the mirror and actually liked your reflection? Or you've managed to eat healthy ALL week? Or you've just worked your arse off and you're dripping with sweat?... Then you get on the scales and see you've not lost any weight, or you're even 2/3lbs heavier?! Yeah girls, we've all been there.... and many times!

How To Make Working Out A Habit

While the majority of us have started a workout routine, and probably more than once... Sticking to it seems to be a lot more difficult, and only something a lot fewer of us manage to do. Most of these people will say "it's just become routine", but what really is the secret to making working out a habit???